Wednesday, April 16

Justin & Jessie | Hibbing Minnesota Wedding Photographer

It was a true honor to capture this wedding day. I have known the groom for ten years and he happens to be one of my husbands best friends. It has been so fun to watch them all grow up and find the beautiful women that God has called to be their wives, and Jessie is no exception. I met Jessie a little over a year ago. She is so easy to talk to, so real and such a perfect match for Justin. To be a part of this day and capture it was wonderful. It was a relaxed morning of getting ready and taking photos. Their first look was simple, just them and me sneaking behind to capture photos. They had a moment to take each other in and then closed their eyes in prayer. Then we started formal photos on this chilly 38ยบ degree spring morning. The boys can not be serious for long and are always making each other laugh. The ring bearer and flower girl are their niece and nephew and are way too adorable for words. The ceremony was so simple and concentrated on the union of these two beautiful people and their God, with a unity cross to signify their joining followed by an intimate parents prayer. Then off to celebrate with good food, kind hearted speeches, and a few dances. I feel like I have to explain the photo of the boys with their shirts off, it is a tradition that started at our wedding and now it must continue. They were so excited to do it, even though it was freezing! And for the finale Justin and Jessie escaped through a cloud of confetti, headed to the warm sun of Jamaica.

Thursday, April 10

Jeremy & Amanda's Wedding | Starbuck Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Small town weddings, away from the city have such a simple beauty to them.Seeing a couple get married with their closest friend and family watching, supporting and cheering them makes my heart happy. This is Amanda and Jeremy, they got married in Starbuck, MN and celebrated the perfect union at the beautiful Lakeside Ballroom off of Lake Minneswaska in Glenwood. It was a joy to capture and an honor to be there!

Thursday, April 3

Hannah & Bjorn's Wedding | Chanhassen Wedding Photographer

Hannah and Bjorn are perfect for each other. I mean it. He looks at her so adoringly and she looks up to him and just shines. If you left them in a corner to talk, the laughs, whispers and little talks that erupted were picture perfect, literally. Their day was just as perfect. They were surrounded by their family who so evidently support this perfect union and friends who love both of them so much. The day started out calm and quit as the ladies all got ready at the bride's parents house then we all headed to Woodale Church in Edina for the ceremony. First looks were had, tears of pure joy were shed and after the I do flower petals were thrown. We ended the night at the beautiful MN Landscape Arboretum, where delicious food and cake was eaten, and beautiful tear inducing speeches were shared. The night ended with swing dance lessons and a live band to celebrate. Absolute perfection for a beautiful couple!

Wednesday, April 2

Emma Is Two | Minneapolis Children Photographer

I have said it before but I adore the little kids that run and play around when they are in front of the camera. It only makes sense to want a child who sits nicely and smiles on command... wrong! It is so much more fun and real to get the real smiles, the real snuggles and the real expressions that mom and dad see in day to day play. That way I really am capturing a little personality, in time, forever. Here is miss Emma with her two tiny brothers. I really could not have asked for a more perfect 45 minute session!