Oh friends, I am so excited about my site re-design!

When E was cooking in my tummy I spent weeks praying and trying to figure out how to spend less time doing photography so that I could have more time to be able to focus on our family. This past winter God opened my eyes to see that I was going about it all wrong. I want to have the time and energy to provide a safe, clean, loving and creative environment for Evelyn and our future babies to grow and thrive. I want anything and everything that takes me away from these people that I adore to be something really special, really great and something that I am really passionate about. That is what I hope you see in this new site, in my newly worded information pages, in my emails to each and every person who inquires and in each and every photo that I capture.

I had lost my passion for my work but, fear not, I have fallen in love with it yet again. With each birth comes a new mom raving how the tears poured out as she saw the sneak peek of her birth unfold and that makes it worth the hours of being on call and the hours of being the silent support in the corner of the laboring room. Months after each wedding comes the bride who exclaims how the emotions of the day were captured and will be remember forever in the photographs I had the privilege to capture makes it SO worth the 8 hours of standing and paying attention to each and every detail. With each portrait session I hold think back to each time  I look at pictures of my own Evie at her birth or 6 months and  how moved by each and every photo so I can create those same moments for the new clients I fall in love with each session. Please here me when I say that when you invest in your photos and me, as your photographer, that you get me 100%, heart and soul.

Really I can’t write a (quick) post like this and not share my deepest and soul filling reason for this change of heart. I want each moment that I am here on this earth to matter. Sometimes as a suburban mom, sitting in a small townhouse, I feel so purposeless. It is hard to see the footprint you are leaving, and sometimes you doubt your feet are leaving prints. God’s voice speaks within me and reminds me that He has purpose in where we are right now. That starts with us living out what we have read and believe to be true. This is my “Step One” in living it out. Everything that I do from dishes to vacuuming, cleaning diapers to washing bottles, replying to emails to taking photos of events, I want to do it as if I am doing it for the Greater Good and a greater cause. So hold me accountable people! I want to give Him all that i’ve got and in a sometimes messy nutshell I am giving you all that I’ve got.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Carissa Christine

"First and foremost I am saved by His grace. I am a wife to a bearded man, a momma to a lovely little lady and a baby bear, a photographer and a creative." xo, Carissa Christine


  1. christine


    Sweet……Your passion to seek GOD first and HIS righteousness, to do your best in whatever HE calls you to do as though you were doing it for HIM, seen or unseen, will bring forth an abundance of peace and joy, knowing HE will meet your needs and direct your path……love you dear Daughter xo

  2. Melissa


    Carissa, I love your heart and I can feel your determination and your exuberance for God, photography, being a servant to your clients and being an amazing mom and wife! I’m so happy you had this revelation of giving your all. Yes! Let’s give our all and hold nothing back that was meant to be shared!

    • carissachristine


      Thank you Melissa for your encouragement! Blessings, Carissa

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