Carissa Christine Photography

Carissa Christine

Carissa, saved by His grace, momma, wife and photographer, based out of Minnesota. Passionate about capturing the very heart, soul and beauty in your everyday moments.

I am on fire for the God that created me. With each and every new day that is given to me I try to live life for His greater purpose and calling on my life. For this season in our life I have the opportunity of being a photographer of the lives of others and I am so blessed by it. I have tried my hardest to express my heart behind my photography business and to share a little bit about my world, if you have a minute take a read:

My love affair with photography started when I was sixteen. I would search the house and put to use whatever I could find. I started with my momโ€™s tiny Canon point and shoot. I would go on walks through the paths behind our house and take photos of tiny blooms, my bright rain boots from above, and our dog. I would take them home, put them on the computer and spend hours editing them, brightening colors and printing them for my walls. Then I got my hands on my grandpaโ€™s film camera, a Canon A-1. I fell in love immediately with the colors, the contrast and magical feel that the film gave the photos. It amazed and thrilled me to see my life captured in such a way. Since then I have strived to take my digital photos and make them timeless with the colors and magic that film brings.

I went to Technical school in 2005 for interior design and, after one full year, I switched to digital imaging. I spent the next two years in class and felt myself losing so much of my passion and fire. I started second shooting with experienced wedding photographers and shooting close friends weddings and fell in love again. But this time it was with the joy that came with being let into these beautiful peoples lives, if even for only a few hours. And so my heart began to pursue it and the rest just seemed to fall into place. Ten years later I have shot over 80 weddings, and over 300 families.

My goal with each and every session or event is to capture the very heart and soul of the moment. I want each image to bring out emotions and to draw out memories that were hidden away tightly. For each session and wedding alike I strive for simplicity, joy, and a safe environment for people to open up to me so I can capture the real and the raw of their season in life.

Life seems to fly by so quickly. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were married and now I find myself chasing my three year old daughter and freshly born son around the house to tickle and smooch. Every moment, for us, is recorded in photographs, in books on our shelves. Even at their young ages, they love to sit in my lap and page through each book. It is so important that we are intentional with the time that we have on this earth, with the people we love. So letโ€™s take a minute now and again to capture those tiny toes, because they will grow quickly. To capture those momma and baby eskimo kisses, those daddy wrestling attacks followed by the most joyful of giggles and even those moments when they donโ€™t need those anymore and they are all of a sudden grown ups. Let us be intentional to remember and to live one day at a time.

Carissa Christine