The Birth Of Anja Joy

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Meet Kari and Logan. I have had the privilege of capturing the entrance of all three of their babies into this world.

We met, for the first time, for a quick meeting about my services, then a maternity session, and the next moment I saw her she was laboring with baby number one, 4 pushes later the little man arrived. It was the first birth I had ever shot and this was the moment I fell in love with birth photography.

Each and every time tears stream down my cheeks as they lay their eyes on their babe for the very first time. “It’s a girl“. For 9 months they have dreamed of her, talked with her, felt her move, prayed over her little life and seen her in black and white on a pixilated screen only to dream of what her little face looks like. And that moment is priceless, it is a miracle and it is all caught forever to be remembered… and I get to do it. What an honor. Take a trip with me, with the photos below, of the birth of little miss Anja Joy. Of her first few moments bonding with mom and dad, being weighed and wrapped up snuggly tight, meeting her big brother and big sister and meeting her family that adore her.

Carissa Christine

"First and foremost I am saved by His grace. I am a wife to a bearded man, a momma to a lovely little lady and a baby bear, a photographer and a creative." xo, Carissa Christine

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