The Force Awakens With The Fifth!

08/07 0 Comments

AH! I can’t wait. I get to be an auntie again to a new little bundle of pink perfection! My oldest brother, his beautiful wife and those four kiddo’s are expecting a new little love in February! My brother made all the shirts for this adorable announcement of their little bean. When I was little I would copy everything he did. If his favorite color was red so was mine, purple the next day… imagine that, so was mine. So you see where my my love for all things Star Wars started. He was the best big brothers. I am so thrilled for them all!


Carissa Christine

"First and foremost I am saved by His grace. I am a wife to a bearded man, a momma to a lovely little lady and a baby bear, a photographer and a creative." xo, Carissa Christine

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