Waiting On Baby Four

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04/29 1 Comments

I can’t wait! I get to capture the birth of this little man into the world in only a few weeks. Doesn’t this momma look stunning. When people say pregnant ladies glow, I see it when I look at all those around who are carrying. No matter how they feel, or how much of all those great pregnancy skin, hair or body things come or go they all glow. Because they carry life and there is nothing more fulfilling. As a pregnant lady, I don’t always feel that way… but when it is gone you look back and know that it was an amazing experience, that has changed you forever, not just your first time but every time after.

Carissa Christine

"First and foremost I am saved by His grace. I am a wife to a bearded man, a momma to a lovely little lady and a baby bear, a photographer and a creative." xo, Carissa Christine

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    Beautiful family! I love all the light and space in these photos 🙂

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